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Your brand is how your business or product is perceived in the marketplace. Every image, every message and every action influences that perception. You can leave that impression to fate or you can actively direct how you’re perceived. It’s your choice whether you build it for maximum impact.

If you choose to control your destiny. We’ll work with you to develop a dynamic brand identity. Building your brand, like building a house, requires a well constructed foundation. A foundational brand identity program is essential for successful brand development.
Your foundational brand identity starts with a logo and slogan. Then we’ll develop all the accompanying visual and verbal brand assets to go with it: color palette, fonts, messaging, photographs, illustrations, videos, etc. We’ll complete the foundational work with a brand guide that helps direct how the imagery is applied to be sure that all your brand assets are used consistently. Then we’ll help you implement the program.

Implementation can be as simple as delivering you digital files or can involve providing a wide range of imagery and content to multiple service providers. We don’t work alone. We collaborate with skilled professionals in multiple disciplines including business strategists, copywriters, web developers, public relations experts, event planners, sign companies, printers, etc. to insure that your brand identity program is executed successfully.

Whether distinguishing your brand is as simple as using a bold color scheme or being gutsy and pushing the line of convention with daring visual and verbal statements, bolding your brand is always about being distinct and memorable. It truly is about being seen, being heard and being remembered.

So if you dare, contact us and we’ll SCREAM LOUD together!

Over my 30 year career I've developed skills as a graphic designer, illustrator, muralist, package engineer, inventor, art director, photo stylist, display designer, decor designer and fabricator. I’ve had the privilege to work with great people from notable manufactures and retailers, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Barnes & Nobel, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Seattle Chocolates, Bartell Drug, Amway, SuperValu, Davinci Syrups and Haggen.

Today, I am focusing on providing brand identity design services to the Bellingham and Whatcom county business communities. I will work diligently to apply my talents, skills and experience to help my clients successfully present themselves in the marketplace.

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Jim Dixon

Principal Screamer

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